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"She Walks At Night"
from Jamie Sites
Hailing From: Fairfield, Pennsylvania
Where it Happened: At My Homes

I slept on the couch in the summer because I always was terrified in my room at night. One night I woke up because I was terribly cold, and as I raised myself up from the couch something told me to turn my head and look beside me. So I did, and on the other side of the coffee table I saw a lady in a large white night gown that went down all the way to her ankles. She had turned and walked to the couch (were I was laying) only 10 inches away from coffee table.

I was so scared that I grabbed the blanket I had kicked off of me and threw it over my head. Instead of screaming, I prayed for it to go away, and then a few minutes later I fell asleep.

The next day I told my mom and dad about my experience and they told me that I was making it all up, but I knew I wasn't. So, after a while my great Aunt Betty told my mom that she saw the exact same ghost a few days after I had told everyone abour it.

After awhile I forgot about it. Then a few months later when I was laying in my bed watching television and I felt a presence behind me. I tried to tell myself that I was just thinking it up in my head and thankfully I forgot about it, but a few hours later it came back and I felt the presence again. Then I felt something touch my head! So I grabbed a blanket over my head and heard a loud bang on the closet behind me.

I yelled for my brother Nathan to come back in the room but he couldn't hear me because he was watching television. So, I kept yelling until he came back, but by the time Nathan returned I didn't fell the presence anymore.

We moved from that house where I had those feelings, but I still have them from time to time. I have the feeling of presence where I live now too.

Eleven Before Midnight
from "Aunt Margaret" by Brooke Legg
Hailing From: Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Where it Happened:
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

I would like to start by saying that this story is completely true, and that it was told to me by my mother and father several years ago. Most of it happened to my mother, at my grandmother and grandfather's house one weekend when my family went to visit them. We lived in Pennsylvania at the time and so we rarely went there . . . . But first, before I tell you the rest, I need to give you a little background on "the house."

It is and was a two-story farmhouse aged about 100 years. My grandfather's family built it and he and all his brothers and sisters were born and raised there. He inherited it from his mom and dad when they passed on and he started his family in it.

Now, on with the story.

It was rather late the second night we were there and my parents had just tucked me, my brother and sister in for the night on the old living room floor. My mom and dad proceeded to go upstairs to bed. No one generally slept up there or even went up there on a regular basis, nonetheless there were two bedrooms set up for guests. They were sleeping in the front bedroom where my mom had slept as a young girl, so she generally felt at ease there. They crawled into bed after a long day and drifted off to sleep.

Sometime in the middle of the night my dad got up to go to the bathroom, which was downstairs. When he walked out of the room he shut the door. Well, my mom was awakened by a sound in the hallway. She looked out the open door and just figured it was my dad going to the bathroom, until suddenly a young girl appeared before her in the doorway. She had long hair and was wearing a nightgown that was so long it was dragging on the floor. My mom was half out of it so she naturally thought it was me. She strained in the moonlight to get a better look at the figure that was now coming slowly toward her.

Without warning she felt an overwhelming sense that something wasn't right. The figure was almost hazy and the hair was a light color, almost blonde. Suddenly it dawned on her that she didn't know this child, but all the same it was coming toward her anyway. She felt herself backing up on the bed as the child got closer and closer. It began to call for her "Mommy,Mommy".

At this point, she was petrified as she realized that the child was reaching out to take hold of her foot. She couldn't back up any more and as the child got even closer, she realized more and more that the form wavering in front of her lacked any perceptible indication of real solidity.

She tensed as the child's grasp found her. Every muscle in her body ached as the child gently wrapped her tiny outstretched fingers around her trembling foot -- and then everything went blank.

The next morning when she woke up my mother was very achy, like she had run a marathon without training. She asked my father if he had gotten up to go to the bathroom and forgot to shut the door. He told her he did go to the bathroom but he was positive he shut the door behind him. My dad would know because he is usually fully awake when he gets up at night. So my mom just passed it off as a very vivid dream.

When we had finished with our breakfast, my mom told my grandpa about her dream and he told her something that made her hair stand up. He had a younger sister, who looked a lot like me, that used to sleep upstairs. In the bedroom across the hall from my mother's. She became ill at a young age from pneumonia and died at the age of 11. She died in her nightgown after having looked for her mother because she was delirious with fever. My grandpa always told my mother that she bore a striking resemblance to his mother.

The story was related to us on the way back to Pennsylvania in the car and it scared me so much at the time that even to this day I have never slept upstairs in that house, although no one has seen anything since then. But then again my mother has never slept up there again. My mother would never admit what she saw was a ghost until the other day when my cousin told her some startling news. She had gone to visit my great aunt's grave, the one who had died at such a young age. She noticed that her birthday was the same as my mother's. The connections had become so numerous that my mom could no longer deny it.

She had witnessed and been approached by something most people only hear about or read in books. She had most definitely seen a ghost, a ghost who had reached out and actually touched her.

Unfortunately both my grandparents have long passed away, but I am sure that they are smiling down from heaven, along with my great aunt, at my mother's discovery. Today, believe it or not, my mom and dad now live in that house, but they sleep downstairs! I have been told that I bear a striking resemblance to my aunt and have seen the picture to prove it.

. . . And, you better believe that I will never sleep upstairs either.

Knock Knock
from Barbara
Hailing From: Ft. Walton Beach, Florida
Where it Happened:
Bitburg, Germany

We had just been stationed in Bitburg, Germany and were on the waiting list for base housing. In the meantime we needed a place to live, so my father found a old farm house for rent that was owned by an older couple.

We had only been in Germany and in the old farm house for about two weeks when things started happening. It was a three story house complete with attic and basement. On the first level was the living, dining and the kitchen area, the second floor consisted of four bedrooms and a bathroom, and the third floor had two more rooms and the attic. My father was reluctant to unpack all the boxes so he had left all the extras in the third floor rooms.

It was a Thursday morning and my sister was getting ready for school. I decided to sneak into her room and hide in her closet. I was watching her. Her back was to me and she was reaching for her brush, but before her hand had a chance to grasp it, it flew off the dresser and out the window! All on its own!

Realizing what had just happened, my sister freaked out and ran out of the room, slamming the door behind her and leaving me in the closet still screaming. My father came in to get me and I told him what had happened. All he could do was keep telling me, "Your imagination is running wild, child!"

That night my imagination must have been rubbing off on everyone. My dad had just locked up the house for the evening and was headed up to bed when the door bell rang, and kept ringing. He opened the windows to look at the front door, but there was no one there -- yet the bell was still ringing.

Since we had to go to bed, he took the bell out (it an old pull string bell) and we started to get ready for bed) -- but the door had those old heavy knockers in the middle of the door and it started "knocking!"

Oh boy! My dad once again looked out the window and, just like the last time, there was no one there. I have never ever seen my father so scared. Big ol' "Mr. Macho G.I." ... LOL! But that night he was "ghost white" as he opened the door and took the knocker apart, hoping to dismantle it.

Finally, with the house all quieted down, he got to bed. He was almost asleep when the shutters on the window in my sister's room started to slam, opening and closing repeatedly -- and here is the kicker, there was no wind blowing!

My sister ran screaming down the hall to my parents room, crying and was totally unable to be consoled. My father tied the shutters closed and we all decided to sleep in the living room. We awoke the next morning tired and still trying to figure what had happened.

My older brother played the guitar and had been playing it the next morning before school. I had been outside and when I came in I heard his guitar still playing and so I thought he was still in his room. But when I made my way to his room, and walked in like normal, I saw the guitar on the bed with the strings still moving!

Well lets say I nearly had to take a bath to get cleaned up!

My mother must have finally had enough too, because she grabbed me and we left the house until my father got home.

We all agreed to start sleeping downstairs and we started going to the bathroom in pairs. He also blocked off the third story of the house, the one with all the unpacked boxes, and the rooms where my brothers slept so they couldn't scare the rest of the family.

That weekend I was playing ball with my little puppy and about an hour later she came yelping down the hallway. She ran in from the direction of the kitchen and I had just gotten her calmed down when her ball came bouncing from the third story staircase. Now remember my father had just blocked that off, and since the dog couldn't climb the stairs, my only conclusion was that the "spirits" wanted to "play" with my puppy ... LOL!

This all happened when I was four years old. Now, 23 years later, it still freaks me out. A lot more happened in this house before we were able to get into base housing. I would be here all night just typing away to tell all the stories that happened in this house.

When I was 17 I called the people that now own the home and asked them more about it. They told me it was built in the late 1890's and was used for the employees that worked the cow farm. Many people were born in that house, and unfortunately many had died there too. It had seen a lot of history and believe me it was felt. My brothers and sister are still reluctant to talk about it, but they say that is an experience that they will never forget.

Green Eyed Messenger
by Debra
Hailing From: Portland,Oregon
Where it Happened:
Eagle Creek,Oregon

I don't know if this would be considered a ghost story but it sure does fall in the category of weird! I was around 12 years old and my sister was 11 when this event took place. We had got off the school bus and started walking down the mile long stretch to our little farm and had just reached the top of the driveway,when we saw what looked like a very large fox just sitting in the middle of the road. He was big,the size of a border collie. We both knew instinctively that foxes don't get that big and took another look at it.

We went towards it and noticed all the fox like features, red, with a long bushy tail with a white tip on the end of it. What was real noticeable was the light piercing green eyes with a very human like stare. The closer we got to it, the more scared we became for when we extended our hands to it, it just bared it's teeth as if it were grinning at us and jumped out of site.

Then all of a sudden a mild wind started up and we ran home as fast as we could go.

To this day my sister and I think about that incident as if it happened yesterday. All we know is that animal seemed so human like. And here is the most interesting thing, after the animal jumped off into the woods the wind picked up, and it continued to gain momentum, getting stronger and stronger into the next day -- and that was the day we had the Columbus Day Storm.

Most people don't know what the Columbus Day Storm is. It's a gale force wind that gets up to 80 to 100 mph. So I guess you could say this animal was a warning of things to come?

"The Mark"
from Steve Wakeley
Hailing From: Jacksonville, Florida
Where it Happened: Jacksonville, Florida

This ghost story is a inspirational haunting. About 5 years ago, I was on my way to the emergency room of a hospital when I got a strong feeling that I wasn't alone. I was going to the hospital because of some chest pains and was uneasy about what the doctors would find. The entire time I was thinking of how afraid I was of going inside the emergency room and how I wish someone would hold my hand.

The most amazing thing is the instant I thought that I began to feel this weird tingling sensation on my left hand. The feeling got even more intense to the point where it hurt (the best way I can describe it is freezer burn).

When I looked at my left hand, after the intense sensation, there was a quarter size red mark on the back of it. That is the honest to god's truth. My own mother even saw the red mark and asked how it got there and when I responded, "I have no clue" she proceeded to tell a nurse. The strangest part is I simply thought to myself how I wished someone would hold my hand, and I fully believe to this day that that is what happened.

Sleep at Joes?
from Teresa
Hailing From: Mississauga, Ontario
Where it Happened:
My current house

On New Years eve 1997 we all got home around 2:00 a.m. and headed to bed like it had been just another normal evening. My 22 year old brother (I was 23 at the time) was sleeping on the sofa bed in the den, his girlfriend was sleeping in his room directly above, and I was in my room right next door to his. So at around 3:30am I hear this loud banging noise on my door and it is my brother. He was freaking out and crying and said that there was a ghost after him? Yup! I wasn't going to investigate it, so he slept with his girlfriend for the night with a baseball bat in his hands.

The next morning I asked him, albeit curiously,

"What happened Joe?" And he said, "I was just laying on the sofa bed, and I felt the bed shake."

He thought it was an earth quake and sat up.

He then proceeded to say that it stopped, so he looked around the room and then it started again except this time the bed lifted from the floor and started to bang on the wall.

He then jumped off and ran upstairs where the story started.


My brother Joe packed up his suitcase and moved out for about seven days because he was so freaked out about what happened. I just brushed it off, walked in the den and checked things out. Now to give you a picture of what the den looks like, when you walk in there is a chair on your immediate right and beside it is a coffee table. In the corner, right next to that is the couch, then there is a window, and beside that is a TV stand -- and beside that is the video cabinet which holds about 300 video tapes. It is not a large room at all, but long enough for the bed to stretch out.

At the foot of the bed is the video cabinet which is fairly heavy. While I was checking things out, after the "attack," I noticed that the video cabinet had been moved from the wall to the foot of the bed, and that it was still opened. I kept a mental note of that, and didn't bother mentioning it.

The next couple of days were fine. I called home on the Thurday later that week to let my mom know that I was going out for a game of pool. She answered the phone in a hysterical manner -- screaming, crying, yelling she said that someone was in the house, but then they were not there -- I told her to GET OUT NOW!

I called my neighbor and told her to go over right away, and that I was on my way home. When I arrived home my mom met me in the street and told me what happened. She said she had just arrived home from work, and she had closed the door behind her. She then heard someone walk down the hall and into my brothers room (keep in mind that his room is directly above the den where the first instance happened). Then she heard the closet open, the drawers open and shut, basically it just sounded like my brother was in his room doing the reg.

She said, "Joe is that you?"


. . . and no one answered, and the noise continued. She said that she started to walk up the stairs and started to get angry that he was not saying anything.

( My mom hates it when my brother and I scare her)

When she reached the top of the stairs she faced Joe's room at the end of the hall about 20 feet away. She said in a very loud and angry voice, "JOE STOP PLAYING GAMES AND ANSWER ME NOW!!"

Just then the noise stopped the door opened and no one was there. That was when I called and she started to freak out.

Now the big task was going in the house. So I did. The baseball bat was at the bottom of the stairs and I grabbed it (not like it would protect me from anything that could go through walls or anything) . . . .

I turned on every light as I walked. I went into each room and nothing was different. Then I walked into the den!

The room was a mess. It looked like my brother and his football friends left a mess and didn't clean up. The phone was on the floor, the rug as turned over, the chair was pulled from the wall, the TV cabinet was turned sideways.

I got the big time chills all over my body. I asked my mom what happened and she said the my dad was working all day, Joe had not come home, and that she was not home either. I fixed up the den told my mom to go back to the neighbors house, and that I would be back in an hour because I had to pickup my car. She went I went and an hour later I returned with my friend. I had no intention of sleeping alone that night!

Nobody had been in the house since we left. I pulled up and met my mom in the driveway. We walked in and AAHHHHHHH!

The den was a disaster area.

The chair on the right side of the doorway was completely blocking the entrance to the room, the table from the corner was in the center of the room along with the VCR cabinet, the TV was in front of the window and the couch as pulled out and turned!

I started to freak out, my mom started crying and ran to call my dad home from work. It was so weird and we all had the chills for the rest of the night.

I can't forget to mention that we stayed up until the sun came up drinking lots of coffee. Well about a week went by and nothing happened. My brother came home and things were cool for a couple of days. It was about 3:30 again and my parents had gone to bed about midnight. Joe and I stayed up to watch a movie and then headed to bed. As soon as I got to bed and started to dose I heard a noise in the kitchen. It sounded like footsteps and a sniffling sound like someone was crying. It walked through the kitchen, down the hall, up the stairs and started to walk down the hallway towards Joe's and my rooms all the time sniffling sounds. Just then my brother came barreling into my room and dive-bombed my bed. We were paralyzed with fear and couldn't even move.

"I said OK on the count of 3 we will run down the hall to mom and dads room, but keep your eyes closed in case it was there."

1-2-3, and we ran screaming! (I laugh now because we were adults at the time). We scared the life out of my parents! We all went to the kitchen to make yet another pot of coffee and wait until the sun came up. The only strange thing about it was that the dishwasher had just been turned on and was empty!

A few days later we had our priest come in and bless the house and do an exorcism on the whole house (it freaked us all out because the priest performed the exorcism 3 times and each time became very emotional). So since then we haven't had any problems.

Life has continued on as normal - but my mom decided to do some land investigation, considering we were the original owners and all.

What she found out gave us all shivers!

She found out the 100 years ago to the first happening was on New Years Eve 1997 when a farm house had burned down around our property, and four children had perished in the fire. It kind of make sense because of the sniffling sounds.

What she also found out was that our entire neighborhood was built on an ancient cemetery, and that four houses had been haunted since they were built in 1993.

One other thing I didn't mention was that my mom saw an apparition of a women in the basement, the women she saw matched the picture of the mother who people say used to walk the fields after her children had died crying.

Buddy's Friend
from Amperage
Hailing From: Lake Charles LA
Where it Happened:
A friend's home

A friend of mine (I'll call him Buddy) from my elementary school days has always sworn that his family home is haunted. The house is a large, wooden, frame house on a farm and was bought by his grandfather back some time during the depression, when the friend's father was only an infant. According to Buddy's grandmother and grandfather, the people who sold the house were "right miserly" and fairly "mean-tempered."

It surprised his grandmother that the women had recently planted some azealas and crepe myrtles out back, as the yard had obviously gotten little attention other than mowing, and in fact the house seemed more or less set into a field, rather than having an established yard and lawn.

Ever since they've had the farm and the house, Buddy's family has had strange events: doors brushing open, small feet running up and down the hallways, fans and window unit air conditioners turned on and off -- that kind of thing. When Buddy's father was quite small, he had an "imaginary" friend, although he claims his friend was NOT imaginary, it was a little girl who played with him, but he got older and she stayed the same age and finally she stopped coming to play with him.

Buddy's family was living in Texas until Buddy was in the fifth or sixth grade, when they moved back home. Buddy's Aunt and his grandparents were living in the home, which had been relatively free from unusual incidents for some time. When Buddy and his family moved into the home however, odd events began again.

First it was footsteps in the hallway, then the light in the hall (which is turned on by a pull cord) would go on. Buddy had a tiny little bedroom at one end of this little hallway. His bed was longways to the hallway, so that when Buddy lay in bed, with the door open, he could see into the hallway. There are times he would just be falling asleep and the light would come on. He'd get up, grumbling to himself, then go back to bed. Eventually, just as he'd be falling asleep, the light would come back on. This pattern would repeat until he shut the door.

Buddy's little sister lost a rubber ball under the house at one point and no one would retrieve it (it was quite snakey under that house). From then on, at night, they would hear the ball bouncing in the hallway -- until someone got up to check, whereupon the bouncing would stop.

His aunt was in what had been the sleeping porch one afternoon, watching a talkshow, doing some ironing, when she heard a noise on the couch behind her. When she turned around she saw a little girl, with blonde hair, about four or five, seated on the couch. The little girl was dressed in a white sailor suit with blue trim and was watching the television. When she saw my aunt watching her she smiled guiltily, ducked her head, whispered "excuse me" and faded into nothingness.

With Buddy, his parents and his little sister, the house was quite crowded, so Buddy's father bought a mobile home right past the now huge azaleas and crepe myrtles. Buddy again took a bedroom at the end of the hallway. In the old house incidents stopped. In the new mobile home, though, all kinds of things started happening.

Buddy was still kept up at night, except now instead of a light coming on, the fire alarm would suddenly go off as he was falling asleep. It would keep happening until Buddy explained that he had school tomorrow and he needed his sleep. This didn't happen every night, but enough to be frustrating.

The pastor at the church they went to was pretty influential in their rural community. He was also a mainline fundamentalist and when he heard about the ghost, he got the idea that it was some kind of demon inhabiting the home, because he did not believe in ghosts. He started preaching against it and pestering the family. Eventually Buddy's grandmother called him over for a meal and explained to him how the cow ate its cabbage, to use an old local coinage. She knew exactly who the ghost was and what it was doing around their property.

The couple, she and her husband (and of course, we're talking by this time, deceased) bought the house from and had a daughter, a little girl. The grandmother had been a schoolteacher before marrying and knew through women friends that the little girl was being beaten and worse. She had not gone with her husband to buy the house, but knew of it and had approved of the purchase. When she and her husband came with their first truckload of belongings (and probably their only truckload, at that), she had seen the woman and man leaving. But there was no little girl with them.

When she questioned her husband he said he hadn't seen any little girl. She took a look at the newly planted azealas and crepe myrtles and made her own assumptions.

At first she would hear crying late at night, and sense someone in her kitchen, someone she could feel was horribly sad. She just set herself to being comforting and talking and singing children's songs and eventually the sadness wasn't so much.

When the children came the sadness went away.

She never discouraged Buddy's father or aunt from their friendship with their "imaginary friend." The grandmother said that she figured the child had some kind of crush on Buddy, judging from the way she was pestering him. She finished up by telling that pastor that there would be "no tormenting of that little thing while I'm alive."

Because, as she put it, "she suffered plenty when she was among the living."

Just Passin' Through
from Scott
Hailing From: Stuart, Florida
Where it Happened:
Stoughton, MA

This all happened during a rather rough period of time in my life and I would like to think that because of this, what I thought was happening, was indeed, a figment of my imagination.

On or about September of 1987 I found myself living with a good friend who had taken me in. For reasons better left unsaid, she agreed to let me live with her in her downstairs apartment until we married, or until I came to my senses. Late one evening, at exactly 2:15 a.m., while listening to an old (1960's vintage) stereo, I noticed some strange activity from the tuner. Thinking that the evenings libations had gotten the better of me, I didn't think much of it, until the next night.

Once again, when I tuned into a certain frequency, I saw strange green figures appearing out of the stereo console. At first I thought it was kind of cool until after the next few nights, on exactly the same frequency, at exactly the same time, green shapes started to take form.

They started out as just green sources of light, then they started to take form. Being freaked out, I decided not to indulge or imbibe anymore. Nevertheless, at exactly 2:15, up came the shapes.

No matter where I was in the house, they would fly as long as the power was on the old stereo. These seemingly friendly shapes that danced with me though the house, started to become more focused! They would appear directly in front of me with aged faces that would turn to skulls upon closer inspection.

These strange apparitions would take great pleasure in passing through my body. At every crossing, a jolt of electricity would surge though me. Of course I had to tell people about this experience, but no-one believed me. So one night I decided to have a few (sober) friends watch as 2:15 came around.

As it happened, I was the only one that could see them coming from out of the tuner, but every time the spirits passed through me, my hair would stand up (as if I were affected with static electricity). At one very scary moment, when the evil presence that appeared to be the leader penetrated me, a close friend grabbed my arm and was knocked out by the electric energy flowing through me -- and his hair stood out on end -- and was soon a believer.

That was the last time I stayed in that house or saw anything quite like it. To this day I don't know if she still has the that stereo, but I'll never be listening to that frequency at 2:15 ever again.

Lady In White
from Mark L.
Hailing From: Upland, California
Where it Happened:
Mt. Baldy, California (Mt. San Antonio)

This is a true story my friend and I encountered late one night. It took place in Upland, California in the same general area where I currently live. Three miles away is a popular skiing area named Mt. Baldy. A small two lane road winds it's way up the mountain and dead ends at the top. It was on this winding road where our encounter occurred.

My friend John and I were bored, so he suggested we go for a drive. Since I'd been on this road many times, I replied, "Sure, let's go!"

After driving around the San Antonio Dam, we proceeded up toward the village on the old and winding Mt. Baldy road. After 4 miles of driving it began to drizzle, not very much, but enough to make me turn on the windshield wipers. We weren't talking, and I didn't have the radio on (which is rare), and we were the only car on the road for about the past fifteen minutes.

I was approaching a right turn when I suddenly saw some one standing on the side of the road. I thought I was seeing things, because this person looked so out of place. Right when I was thinking this, my friend said, "Hey, did you see that?"

"Yeah!, a person, a girl, right?" I replied.

"Yeah, yeah!, stop the car!" he said. "She might need help!"

And he insisted, "Stop the car, stop the car!"

"Okay, okay!" I yelled back, applying the brakes which were now lighting up her reflection in red so I knew for sure that she was still standing there when we were trying to come to a stop.

She was about 6 feet tall with long brown or black hair that looked as if it were wet. She was wearing some sort of formal dress that was white or light pink in color. Her eyes were as wide as saucers, staring at us as we past.

I brought the car to a stop, and John turned around to look out of the back window. She wasn't there!

"Where did she go?" I said.

"Huh? What do you mean, Mark?" he said. "Let's get out and check."

We both got out of the car and walked to the back of it. From our vantage point at the trunk of my car we stood in amazement staring down the now deserted two-lane mountain road. At that moment I expected we might have seen a broken down car we had missed seeing when we first noticed her, or even a group of cars pulled over some way down the road filled with teenagers drinking and partying, but there was nothing. Just my car sitting in the middle of the road with the engine running, doors open and the two of us staring in bewilderment.

The chill that went up my spine was something I will never forget. At that moment John must have experienced something similar to me, because he looked over and said, "Hey, let's get out of here!"

In agreement we got back in the car, turned around and floored it down the mountain. Some years later I saw John again at his house. After a couple of beers he asked me, "What do think we saw that night in the mountains?"

I laughed, "How did you know I was thinking about that?" I asked him because we hadn't spoke about it since the night it happened.

"Well, I think we saw a ghost!"

"Me too!," he said. "That was the only explanation I could think of."

Sometime after that I gave a guy a ride whose Moped had broken down. He lived in Mt.Baldy Village and he told me that he too had seen her. He told me that she appears only on a certain night of the year and is called by the people that live up in the mountain, "The Lady in White."

He then told me that she was killed and walks the mountain looking for her children. This is a true story which I tell almost everyone I know.

I now believe in ghosts and after reading this and I hope you do too!

Midnight Knockers
by Drea
Hailing From: The Phillipines
Where it Happened:
At Our Home

My grandmother, my uncle, my 9-year old cousin (Angie), and a friend of the family (Arlene) were staying at our house for a few weeks. This was the arrangement: My uncle, Angie and I were going to sleep in my room and my grandmother and Arlene were going to sleep in the room downstairs. Anyway, my uncle had gone out with some old friends of his that night, so Angie and I could stay up late and doing the things we couldn't do when he was around.

We turned up the radio and began dancing around. It was about 12:30, my uncle still hadn't returned, when it began to rain heavily outside. A loud crack of thunder sounded, making us both scream. Then we heard a knock on the door and we saw that Arlene and our grandmother had woke up and came to us with their pillows and blankets. They asked if they could stay here for awhile, until the rain stopped. We settled down and then I asked (in a sort of teasing voice) if they got scared of the thunder and lightning. Arlene hesitated and said it wasn't the thunder and lightning, but on the nights before, she heard somebody knocking on the door, even when nobody was there.

I was fascinated and asked her to tell us more. She said that she heard somebody walking around, then faint knocking, and sometimes the knockings would be clear enough to be scared of. I was kind of excited, but I didn't really believe it. When the rain had stopped and my uncle had come home, they went back downstairs.

The next night, my uncle went out again. Angie and I were the only people awake in the entire house. She was watching TV and I was on the computer. At around 11:15, Angie was already fast asleep. I went to bed sometime past twelve, but I wasn't exactly sleepy. I turned off all the lights, turned on the radio, and sort of lay there listening to the music.

Thirty minutes later, I heard something like muffled footsteps outside my door. I couldn't distinguish exactly what it was. I was still lying down, my back to the door, trying to think of what it was. I wasn't scared because I thought it might be my Mom or my uncle arriving from his night-out. Suddenly, I began to hear one knock after another INSIDE my room. It was fast and clear. I got scared and sat up in the darkness. The knocks were still going on and they sounded like they were coming from all around my bed. I began to freak. I ventured to peep around my bed. Nothing. When it stopped, I listened for a few more minutes then I flicked my bedside lamp on. I thought it must've been Angie playing a trick on me (she was sleeping on the sofa-bed), since I used to scare her a lot before, but she was fast asleep.

* I get scared REAL easy *

I was trembling when I woke her up and told her what happened, and then she got scared too. She asked me too sleep next to her, but after that we couldn't sleep at all. Another thing, the next day I called my best friend and told her about what happened and she said something that scared me all over again. When she slept over at my house one month ago, she said she woke up in the middle of the night, hearing the exact same thing, coming from my bed.

The Slapper
from "Friend of Ghostories" Blue
Hailing From: Los Feliz, California (near Hollywood)
Where it Happened:
My Dad's house

This event took place two years ago at my dad's house. I had just broken-up with my fiancee and needed a place to stay. I was a little apprehensive because I know my dad's house has a lot of supernatural activity. You see, I grew up in that house and have had encounters with the spirits before, like someone sitting on my bed that I couldn't see, or half my body getting cold, or just knowing that someone was in the room with me. However none of these events come close to what I'm about to reveal to you tonight.

For quite sometime my dad's next door neighbor had been complaining about a ghost that was bothering them. They said it would appear behind them while they were looking in the mirror or when they were busy doing chores. They said she seemed to be in her late 40's or early 50's, rather heavy set with long black hair, and they said she was tall. They told us she always wore an old cheap white nightgown with a cheap white robe covering it.

Now, the house my dad lives in was built in the 1920's in a small suburb just outside of Hollywood called Los Feliz, and one night she started making her presence known at my dad's house. It was timely when she arrived because it was at a time when my dad was not being such a good guy. She would do stuff to him like slap him on the back of his head or once she pulled him down to floor by his shirt. After that my step-mom had a priest come over and bless the house, but it didn't work.

Still, I was in need of a place to stay and it was the only place I could go. It's a small house so I would be sleeping on the couch next to the couch that my younger brother, Guiseppe, would be sleeping on. (Guiseppe was 21 at the time and I was 30). So, one the first night we got settled and I dozed off. I awoke about ten minutes later to my younger brother playfully slapping my ankles. My eyes were still closed but I was awake. The light slapping continued to my calves and I finally said,"Cut it out Zep", but the slapping got more and more rapid. I then opened my eyes expecting to see Guiseppe, but I didn't. I only saw darkness and Guiseppe sound asleep.

The slapping continued all the way to my chest, but I couldn't manage to scream. I tried, but I couldn't because I was petrified with fear.

I then tried to get up, but as I was trying to sit up the ghost pushed me back down by my chest and held me there. What made it even more scarier was that I was able to feel its hands on me, and it felt solid and real. Again I tried again to get up, and this time it grabbed my right hand and held me down. The whole time I couldn't scream for help no matter how hard I tried, and my brother was just a step away.

So I thought to myself maybe if I open my eyes and look at it dead in its eyes it will know that I'm not afraid and it will leave, but as soon as I finished this thought I opened my eyes and there meeting my stare was the ghost -- and she had a real pissed-off look in her eyes -- and she was breathing real hard, like she wanted to seriously kick my butt. To top it off, her face was practically touching mine. We were nose to nose.

Ii was finally able to scream, but it was a weak scream and I had a hard time breathing after that.

Finally my little brother woke up and after explaining to him what happened he got a candle that had been blessed. He lit it and we said prayers. I felt safe with him even though he's my younger brother, and we are the only one's in our family who have had ongoing experiences with that world. Although, it doesn't bug him as much as it bugs me.

Before we hit the hay, she (the ghost) shot my brother a look in the mirror, and he told me that she's still here because she knows that I'm scared. He started yelling at her to go away because he had to get up early for work the next morning. Needless to say, I slept with my "little bro'" on the futon couch with his pitbull for the duration of my stay.




I have one more event I have to tell you about that happened when I was 26. It was about one in the morning on a Saturday. I was just watching ESPN when I decided to go outside to get some fresh air. So I'm out there standing around when I look to my left and see two white figures throwing a white ball between them, as if they were playing catch or something. They were approximately 20 yards from me. I wasn't at all afraid, and the truth is, if anything I felt safe and at peace and happy.

I immediately recognized them as my guardian angels.

I was watched them for a good 10 seconds when they turned towards me. I felt embarrassed for being caught looking at them, so I turned away, but when l looked again they were gone.

I walked over to where they were and asked them to come back, but they didn't. One thing I remember about them, though, they looked like they were wearing gowns and their gowns and their bodies were totally illuminated in a white light. And I remember this: when they turned their attention towards me the ball they were throwing to each other stopped in mid-air and stayed there.

. . . But like I said, I wasn't the least bit scared . . . .